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Your Business is one of a kind. So don’t settle for Banking that’s one-size-fits-all.

We’ll give you the widest choice from fee free Commercial Mortgages to Unsecured Loans for any purpose. You can even raise money against your sales invoices and credit card receipts.

And what’s more, we don’t charge any upfront fees for this market leading service.

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Finance for SME

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Overdraft facilities are perfect for covering short term cash flow positions. The limit is normally approved for a 12 month term and you pay an arrangement fee on an annual basis. They are repayable on demand.

This is a very cost effective way of funding cash flow because you only pay interest when you use the facility. It gives your business a cash flow buffer just in case an incoming payment is delayed or perhaps you wish to take advantage of some early settlement discounts on stock.

You don’t have any formal repayments either unlike a loan so there are cash flow benefits to consider as well. Most overdraft facilities are unsecured but in some cases you may be required to provide a Mortgage Debenture or Directors Guarantee.

As former Bank Managers, our Finance Consultants will advise you on the best option for your business.

Term Loan

Banks like to structure certain types of capital expenditure (CAPEX) onto term Loans with fixed monthly repayments.
Unlike an overdraft, these are committed term facilities, where the Bank cannot withdraw the loan so long as you continue to cover the monthly repayments and do not go into default. They are usually secured on fixed assets such as property or plant & machinery. Some of our specialist Lenders can fund 100% of the asset value plus all of the VAT on top structured over 5 years.
The main attraction of Loans is that they are long term facilities which means that you can commit to longer term plans for  your business unlike an overdraft which is repayable on demand and renewed annually. Another benefit is that interest paid can be offset against tax.
So don’t worry if the Banks have turned you down just because there is not enough security. We know how to apply for Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme loans where the government provide a guarantee to the Bank as security. These loans are for viable businesses that are unable to secure finance only because there is not enough security. You would pay a premium for the loan and provide management accounts for the Bank on a quarterly basis.
As former Bank Managers, our Finance Consultants know how to structure lending propositions with the added assurance that we always negotiate the lowest possible margins for our clients.

Invoice Finance

If you sell your products or services on credit, did you know that you can use your sales invoices to release cash into your business? It’s up to you whether you raise finance against a single invoice, a batch of invoices or the whole sales ledger.
You can use the cash released to take advantage of early settlement discounts from suppliers or simply to fund your working capital as an alternative to an overdraft facility.
If your annual turnover is less than £1 million, you can authorise the Lender to manage the sales ledger for you including credit control which means that  you can spend more time on other aspect of the business. This is called Factoring.
Larger businesses with an established credit control department usually manage the sales ledger themselves. This is called Confidential Invoice Discounting.
These days, it is very straightforward to set up an Invoice Finance facility, and we know from experience that the online systems are very easy to use. We will check the terms of the contract for you and make sure that they meet all of your requirements including clarity on lock in periods if applicable.       
One of the key advantages of invoice finance is that the level of funding fluctuates with your business turnover unlike an overdraft or loan which remain the same regardless of whether sales are up or down. It’s an ideal solution for growing  businesses where funding up to 85% of the sales ledger are available.   
In terms of cost, there is a monthly service fee which is agreed at the outset plus an ongoing interest cost which depends on how much or how little you use on a monthly basis.
PCF will help you find the right Lender and Facility based on your business model bringing more flexibility to your cash flow.

Leasehold Restaurants, Takeaways, Bars & Nightclubs

Don’t be too disappointed in the lack of interest form the Banks. They just don’t like (or understand) the sector which is a reflection on them more than it is on you.
If you own a successful business in the hospitality or entertainment sector and wish to expand through buying another one you should consider raising the money against the goodwill value of the business.
Did you know that you can borrow up to 100% of the premium, the fit out costs and all the equipment by offering the Lender a Debenture and a Charge over the lease of your existing business?
PCF have a great relationship with a specialist lender offering term loans over 5 years from £100k upwards. You will be pleased to hear that the arrangement fee will be waived and you are free to repay the loan after 12 months with no early repayment charge whatsoever. With a friendly and pragmatic approach, we like doing business with them and so will you.  
So if you want to expand your brand without giving away your hard earned equity then this may well be an option for you.  
Loans of up to £250,000 are available for any legal purpose structured over  terms up to 5 years. Unlike the Banks, the application process is very straightforward and we often secure approvals within 48 hours.
There are set up fees but these are deducted from the loan on drawdown and you can repay the loan at any time without incurring an early repayment charge.
Speed is outstanding with funds ready to be transferred into your account within 14 days. What’s more, if you take a loan from this source it will not have impact on your Banking arrangements where it remains business as usual.
So if you need to release some cash quickly to pay a tax bill, buy some equipment, or just top up your cash flow then this could be the ideal solution for you.
PCF have successfully arranged more than £1 million of unsecured business loans. Why don’t you call one of our Finance Consultants on 0800 689 3458 and you could be next!

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